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Due to technical problems the database has been moved to the site of worldpedigrees You can register for a free account HERE
After registration you can add a photo and comment. Because Worldpedigrees doesn't show the healthresults from our offline database, please add healthresults yourself in the COMMENT-box.
Pro-Users ($10,-/year) have acces to extra features like the Trial Mating with COI-calculation and you'll be able to add dogs yourself.
We wrote some manuals about how to use the database.
Adding a dog or photo is also possible by using THIS FORM, email to briard@chello.nl or submit your entry in our facebookgroup.
If you want to enter your whole litter, please sent it in Excel if possible, in the following matching fields: NAME/ SIRENAME/ DAMNAME/ DATE OF BIRTH/ PRETITLE/ POST TITLE/ REGISTRATION NUMBER/ COLOUR/

Deze database is mede tot stand gekomen dankzij financiële steun van
Jacqueline Mansveld (du Rêve Lourd d'Eté), Marije Kroes (v.d. Schaopedobbe), Rita Kleinlugtenbelt (Jardin de Seigle) en Ingrid v.d. Luijtgaarden (Coeurs Célestes)

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